Ibis, World Bicycle Relief and the Incredible Ripley….

So Ibis announced today which bike they would be donating for the World Bicycle Relief/FatCyclist.com Power of 5 contest. Here it is, the Ripley (shown below), and outfitted with top of the line SRAM components. Wowsa!

Once you’re finished drooling (I’ve affixed a napkin to my chest to remediate that problem for myself), let me point out how absolutely PERFECT this bike would be for that special request I made of Ibis a few days ago. Just imagine the green color below replaced with hot pink… *big dreamy sigh*  Again, not that I am expecting to win this bike myself – though I have already donated 2 buffalo bikes to World Bicycle Relief so I’m in the drawing at least – but even buying it for myself this summer as the BIG reward for losing the full 160 pounds (which will be more than half of my starting body weight), would be fine by me…. as long as they would do it with the hot pink accent color!  I’m still waiting to hear back from them on that, and in the meanwhile, sticking to my weight loss plan like crazy in case they do! :-)

Jan 1: 185 Feb 1: 176: Mar 1: 167: Apr 1: 160  May 1: 154 June 1: 149 July 1: 145 … Not that I’m over thinking this or being too Type-A much.  ;-)


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