Poll for Team Fatty Peeps (and Other Cyclists): How Graceful Were You Going Clipless at First?

Okay, for all you cyclists out there, tell us how it went for you going clipless for the first time. Are you a graceful jungle cat, pretty agile but then whoops “what the hell?” just when you were not expecting it, or more like me, kind of a walrus on wheels but a cautious one (it’s been 4 rides and I still have not fallen over… yet. It’s definitely a matter of time though!)

13 thoughts on “Poll for Team Fatty Peeps (and Other Cyclists): How Graceful Were You Going Clipless at First?

  1. My first clippless expereince was mountain biking. I drove to the trail head, took the bike off the rack, hopped on and rode 20 yds over the the trail map, and ackwardly fell. I was bleeding before I even offically start my ride!

  2. I’ve had a few times – first was within 300 yrds of the driveway at a neighborhood intersection, most interesting was actually avoidance of a fall. A pedestrian showed up out of nowhere in front of me and I “ripped” my foot out of the pedal to put my foot down. What ripped was the cleat from my shoe! The base of the cleat was still attached to my shoe and the remaining cleat was still engaged on the pedal. That made for some interesting pedalling afterward!

  3. I was great for the first month. Then one day, once I was complacent, I came to an intersection, unclipped my left foot, and fell over to the right.

  4. I was doing awesome for like 2/3 of the ride, and then as soon as there was automobile cross traffic and an old fat guy behind me on his bike – bam! The best part was when the guy behind me told me I have to put a foot down. Thank you sir, I’m sure I would not have thought of that!

    • Ahahaha! Too funny. I was riding with our son (who went clipless just before I did) and I was reminding him to clip out before the stoplight but he was spacing out, as we got closer to stopping I started yelling “clip out, clip OUT, CLIP OUT!” because I could see where this was leading, and even yelling at him, I still had to grab him to keep him from falling over when he stopped because he hadn’t done it. A cyclist right behind us said to him: “You have to clip out when you stop.” Gee, thanks for telling him what you just heard me screaming over and over. Doh.

    • Well as an “OT” Kate, I think you would like the float in the speedplays when the time comes! Also – I rode about 1500 miles between mid March and August in tennis shoes – it’s a viable option!

    • @Libby if I can do it, anyone can! I was SO nervous because I have zero grace and my balance sucks. True story – I fell off a saddle that was sitting on a saddle rack one time! On a saddle rack!That said, I found a set up that seems to be really easy to clip out of so far (that was my big worry) and knock wood, 4 rides so far with a lot of stop signs and I have not fallen over yet. Though I am pretty sure it will happen as soon as there are like 100 people watching me! I ride a cyclocross bike but mainly on the road, and went with shimano mountain bike type shoes and the speedplay frogs in stainless. Now those choices were made to address physical issues with one foot and my knees, but I had been told the speedplay frogs were easy to get in and out of and sure enough – I have been thrilled with the “ease of use” thus far. Go for it!

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