Tackling Permanent Change On All Fronts

I have been talking all along about the many changes I am going to have to be making in my life to make this weight loss permanent.  No matter what I do, I am sure I will always battle the need to eat compulsively, to eat more than my body needs, and to be drawn to food as a comfort mechanism.

Hopefully I will be able to control that much of the time, but we all have those days when control slips. Sure I can, and will, continue to work hard to keep trigger foods out of my house. But the other 3 members of my family do not have any issues with food, so I also need to find a reasonable balance of what is around the house.

And even if there was NOTHING around that I wanted to eat, there would be days that I break down and order that large, loaded pizza all for myself because there is nothing here, when I am overwhelmed by the need to stuff my face.

So, part of this plan also needs to include having foods around I DO want to eat.  Want being the key word there! And foods that are good for me, okay to eat more of!

Easy to stock plenty of fruits and veggies around, but when you really want to go town, want a cascade of flavor to dance across your tongue, carrot sticks and sliced apples only go so far.

Unless you bedazzle them somehow perhaps?

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE spicy carrots found (sometimes) at Mexican restaurants. For some reason, while they are widespread in southern California, you have to work harder to find them in Northern Cali.

They are absolutely delicious and can be made in a way that is all flavor and very few calories. You just need to be the kind of person who cooks and does canning-type of shit. You know, someone really crafty or homestead-y. Which I am not. 

Which I have not been until now.  

Look at me today, going all Betty Crocker meets the Food in Jars woman. I actually ordered her book last night, and a bunch of canning supplies. Then I decided I could not wait for Amazon to deliver the jars and hit the local hardware store this morning (which I should have done first, curse my impulsive online shopping addiction!). I had pulled some great sounding canning recipes off the ‘Net (after saving them to my new Favorites folder, oh-so-cleverly titled Recipes) and was raring to go. I got the jars and food supplies I did not have.

First up, I started boiling 13 eggs (my lucky number), to make pickled eggs. While those were cooling, I began a very easy recipe for spicy carrots. I have to say, those crafty motherfuckers and their fancy labels just kill me! Jesus, who has time for that shit? Watch, next month I’ll be making fancy labels. Anyhoo, this recipe was very easy and I sampled a few of them while they were cooling, YUM!!!  Very spicy, my kids were dying (though they liked them, just too much jalapeno for their palates).


Couple of notes in case you want to try this at home….

  • I used exactly 1 tablespoon of olive oil since the recipe did not specify what “a little” meant and I have a big ass pan. That seemed to work well but I am going to try to cut that in half on the next batch just to see if I can shave 60 calories off the whole thing.
  • I used 4 large jalapeno for this first batch, and since he did not say if you were to take the seeds out, I did not. I just cut the tops off and then sliced them into sticks.
  • I peeled my carrots moderately because I wanted to retain some of the vitamins. I assume less skin would mean more flavor saturation, this seemed like enough!
  • For the garlic cloves, since it did not say, I used a knife to smash and peel the skins off and then broke them into slightly smaller pieces but did not chop them.  In his picture I see what looks like garlic skin, so maybe he did not even do that.
  • Calories… for this entire batch, 2 pounds of carrots + the oil + adding a little bit for the other ingredients though you do not eat them, they just impart flavor,  you can safely call it 450 calories.  Spread out across 5 – 12 ounce jars,  90 calories a jar.
  • I did run out of enough of the “juice” to top off all the jars, so I think in the future I will double the amount of liquid and up the spices proportionately so I have enough of the pickling juice for all the carrots.

90 calories a jar, though, that’s great! And good luck eating an entire jar at once, these mofos are spicy and I assume they will just get more so as they continue to absorb the cooking/pickling juice.  I’m actually going to make a second batch later today with half the jalapeno for my kids to enjoy.  Author says these jars can stay in your fridge for months, not that they will last that long!

So my other experiment today, because one also needs protein snacks was…. pickled eggs. With beets! So you get pickled eggs and pickled beets when it’s all done, and the eggs will look psychedelic. :-) Now these take 3 days, not in a fridge, to pickle apparently, after that they are ready to eat, so I won’t have a report until Tuesday on these bad boys.


But… 75 calories an egg, and it should be an awesome snack or meal healthy with some veggies. We’ll see. I’m definitely more nervous about how this recipe will turn out than the spicy carrots.

The saving grace of both of these, so easy even I could do it! As you can see, I’m keeping myself busy. :-)


1 tsp of oil is plenty!  And here is batch number 2 using rainbow carrots and cutting them julienne style. Calling them my LGBT Ally Spicy Carrots. :-)


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