Lucky 13 Indeed!


I am a member of Cohort 13 (the 13th weight loss group this Kaiser location has run of this type); Cohort 13 is our designation. This is also my 13th week of the program. Yesterday I walked 13 laps. And of course…. the year is now 2013!

Today I was informed that I won a $10,000 bicycle in a drawing I had entered in early December. This bike: 

I am beyond stunned, still, and it’s been all day since I found out.

Now on a practical note, I am actually trying to trade down a bit to something more appropriate for both my personal biking desires and my clyde-like body. They call heavy riders clydesdales in the cycling world. I am definitely a clyde and will be for another 5o-60 pounds! Cyclists are freaking tiny, man!

Anyway, I am hoping I can instead get Specialized’s top of line cyclocross frame (and it comes in pink!), and then the SRAM componentry suited for THAT bike rather than the mountain biker’s wet dream they offered. Make no mistake, that stumpjumper is unreal.  I may kick myself down the road for not taking it, but I know I will be road biking way more than trail, and I only want one bike. A cyclocross is right for me.

Anyway, the bike I am hoping to get would still be like a $5500 bike that I won (how crazy is that?!), and way better than the bikes I have been looking at.  Also would be my dream bike but owing way less taxes than on the $10k bike.


I was going to get serious about getting a bike when I lost 50 pounds. That has been the plan all along. I have lost 49 pounds as of this morning.


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